The Egg

I have recently made a commitment to start biking again. This has resulted in 3 things:

1. I now arrive at meetings wet from either rain or sweat. At the same time my work partner Marika has developed a habit of wearing Nanso night dresses as day dresses so we make an interesting combo.

2. I have allowed myself to eat fries at lunch.

3. We have had to resolve the problem of transporting two kids with one bike.

I wasn't always an evil car driver. I used to bike daily but then the child transportation problem came up. I did find the perfect solution, a dutch Bakfiets cargo bike, but it took me several years to realise that I wouldn't be making that kind of money in the foreseeable future. So we decided to lower our expectations and look at trailers which I think are mostly quite ugly.

It was my husband that spotted this Lokari trailer (Finnish design!) somewhere and it was the first of its kind that I felt I could live with. We hunted for it for a few days and found a used one for one tenth the price of a Bakfiets. So I'm very happy. We have nicknamed it "The Egg".

Apparently it's very comfortable as one passenger has fallen asleep. On warm days the top slides off.

The following are views from the Egg from the perspective of the passengers.

4 kommenttia:

  1. We have been thinking about child transportation on a bicycle too. Cargo bikes are indeed pretty expensive, even if you buy them directly from Germany or The Netherlands.

    I saw Klaus with the boys in "The Egg" a few weeks ago and it looked pretty nifty. And definitely better than most trailers that are around.

  2. Go Egg! So much more endearing than LOKARI SAFE SHUTTLE (for a name that is). It also comes in yellow which is even nicer. But we had to go with what we found, designer-freelancers that we are.

  3. thumb up. like! (Veli-Matti asks where is your helmet...)

  4. The ladies at our daycare place have asked the same. I have no excuses. It's on my to do-list.