Welcome to Protoshop 2011!

We are happy to invite you to our 3rd PROTOSHOP exhibition at the Habitare design fair starting next Wednesday, 14.9.2011.

This year we exhibit 11 works from 13 designers. The prototypes are new product ideas, which are not in production yet, so the main idea of the exhibition is to find possible producers and interested partners to develop the works together with the designers.

Our opening event is at 11am on Wednesday. At the opening Saara & Elina from Imu design present briefly the concept of Protoshop, and the designers are at the stand to tell more about their works. Our stand is at the new hall: 7s21.

We're looking forward to get your comments about the works. 

The photo above:
THE DECIDER - Sanna Mander & Veera Kulju
A candle holder, which will decide for you. In the end your answer is lit: "yes" or "no"?

CORD - Kasper Nyman
Cord is a pendant light, which collects the extra cord inside the transparent top.

L'EDGE - Panu Kontkanen
A concrete curbstone with built-in led lights.

TICK - Jakob Schenk
Tick is a system - a leg made of a bent steel wire - which turns any board into a table without screws or tools.

PANELLED - Antti Ek & Riina Ek
A light that can be integrated to most common interior wood panel types.

LINA - Jakob Schenk
A multifunctional sofa system, which allows the cushion elements to be rotated.

CANDLE TRAY - Julie Scheu
A tray which has a built in candle that allows you to take the ambience of candlelight where ever your drinks go.

ANIM SERIES - Simo Serpola
With the nod of its head, the lamp lights up or down either sitting down or standing up straight.

TOMC - Minna Korhonen & Kristina Sandell
A coat rack, which also divides space, absorbs noise and works as a mirror.

LUUKKU - Satoshi Ohtaki
A chair and a stool, which bring out the elastic nature of ash.

KALA - Maija Puoskari
A carpet made of ecological felt and it can be hung on the wall from a hook.

More information of the products from Protoshop's website.

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